Gundyr's Leggings
Gundyr's Leggings
Gundyr's Leggings Image
Poise 18 Durability 46
Weight 13.8 Sell Price / Soul Value 1000
Physical Elemental
Base Physical Defence 27 Magic Defence 10
Strike Defence 22 Fire Defence 12.5
Slash Defence 27 Lightning Defence 12.5
Thrust Defence 27 Dark Defence 12.5
Bleed Resistance 48 Frost Resistance 36
Poison Resistance 36 Curse Resistance 36


Ancient leggings of a set of cast iron armor, belonging to Champion Gundyr.

Gundyr, or the Belated Champion, was bested by an unknown warrior. He then became sheath to a coiled sword in the hopes that someday, the first flame would be linked once more.


  • Reduces weapon stamina consumption by 3%.
  • Reduces stamina recovery by 1.


Purchase from the shrine Handmaiden after defeating Champion Gundyr.

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