Gold-Hemmed Black Hood
Gold-Hemmed Black Hood
Gold-Hemmed Black Hood Image
Poise 2.2 Durability 21
Weight 1.4 Sell Price / Soul Value 100
Physical Elemental
Base Physical Defence 1.8 Magic Defence 7.0
Strike Defence 1.0 Fire Defence 15.0
Slash Defence 1.4 Lightning Defence 7.0
Thrust Defence 1.2 Dark Defence 7.0
Bleed Resistance 11 Frost Resistance 12
Poison Resistance 40 Curse Resistance 28


Worn by the witch Quelana of Izalith, mother of pyromancy and Daughter of Chaos.

She wore this gold-hemmed black hood before even the Age of Fire, and it offers strong resistance versus fire, poison, and other perils.

Effect: boosts fire defence by 5%.



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