Frigid Valley Mask
Frigid Valley Mask
Frigid Valley Mask Image
Poise 5.3 Durability 36
Weight 2.7 Sell Price / Soul Value 500
Physical Elemental
Base Physical Defence 3.6 Magic Defence 5.0
Strike Defence 2.8 Fire Defence 4.0
Slash Defence 3.2 Lightning Defence 5.0
Thrust Defence 3.0 Dark Defence 6.6
Bleed Resistance 17 Frost Resistance 52
Poison Resistance 12 Curse Resistance 5


Mask worn by the beast knight of the Frigid Valley. The mask was created using techniques now lost. It clearly has an unusual, unsettling air about it.

Effect: emits an aura of frost, inflicting 20 Frost every second.




  • Anor Londo - Near where you would drop down out of the stain glass window of the Anor Londo main castle. There is no broken glass anymore. Go into the castle near the Giant Blacksmith, then basically keep climbing stairs.
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