Crown of Filianore
Crown of Filianore
Crown of Filianore Image
Poise 10.5 Durability 36
Weight 4.5 Sell Price / Soul Value 1,000
Physical Elemental
Base Physical Defence 5.8 Magic Defence 7.0
Strike Defence 5.0 Fire Defence 7.0
Slash Defence 5.4 Lightning Defence 10.0
Thrust Defence 5.2 Dark Defence 7.0
Bleed Resistance 16 Frost Resistance 17
Poison Resistance 16 Curse Resistance 16


A crown belonging to the Princess Filianore.

Wanting nothing but to provide protection, Filianore imbued her crown with a form of healing magic and bestowed it to any in need of its power.

Effect: increases effectiveness of HP recovery by 2.5%.


  • Increases effectiveness of HP restoration sources by 2.5%.


  • Found in The Ringed City, requires you to use the Prayer gesture in front of Princess Filianore after waking her up.


Filianore-Front.jpg Filianore-Back.jpg


  • Increases the HP recovered from healing miracles, regeneration effects from equipment, buffs and infusions, Consumable Items, HP restored on hit/kill, as well as spells like Lifehunt Scythe and Warmth and recovery on critical attacks from the Aldrich's Ruby.
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