Chain Leggings
Chain Leggings
Chain Leggings Image
Poise 8 Durability 35
Weight 6.9 Sell Price / Soul Value 80
Physical Elemental
Base Physical Defence 6.8 Magic Defence 11.2
Strike Defence 2.8 Fire Defence 10
Slash Defence 14.8 Lightning Defence 8
Thrust Defence 10.8 Dark Defence 11.2
Bleed Resistance 36 Frost Resistance 17
Poison Resistance 17 Curse Resistance 10


Chainmail leggings of thin interlinking rings of steel.
Popular due to its ease of crafting, respectable damage absorption, and light weight.

Knights may favor imposing armor, but for warriors on the battlefield, that which keeps them alive is armor enough.

Effect: increases Bleed resistance.


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