Black Stag Helm
Black Stag Helm
Black Stag Helm Image
Poise 12.6 Durability 41
Weight 6.6 Sell Price / Soul Value 500
Physical Elemental
Base Physical Defence 7.4 Magic Defence 7.0
Strike Defence 6.6 Fire Defence 7.0
Slash Defence 7.0 Lightning Defence 5.6
Thrust Defence 6.8 Dark Defence 5.6
Bleed Resistance 24 Frost Resistance 17
Poison Resistance 19 Curse Resistance 13


Helm of a former Silver Knight, now residing in the Ringed City.

The gardens of the City were famed for their beauty. From his balcony, Silver Knight Ledo watched the once blossoming garden turn into an abyssal swamp, crawling with the foul and wretched denizens of the city.



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