Full Sets

List of full armor sets sorted from heaviest to lightest.

Ultra Heavy (51 - 60 Equipment Load)

Havel's Set
Giant Set
Pursuer's Set
Smough's Set
Brushwood Set
Dragonrider Set
Gundyr Set
Millwood Knight Set
Mirror Knight Set
Winged Knight Set
Black Iron Set
Catarina Set
Cathedral Knight Set
Drakekeeper Set
Steel Set
Iron Dragonslayer Set
Lapp's Set
Penetrator Set

Heavy (41 - 50 Equipment Load)

Quicksilver Set
Morne's Set
Paladin Set
Executioner Set
Dragonslayer Set
Lothric Knight Armor Set
Harald Legion Set
Exile Armor Set
Black Knight Set
Gloom Set
Heide Knight Set
Silver Knight Set
Syan Knight Set
Rampart Golem Set
Ruin Set

Medium High (31 - 40 Equipment Load)

Great Lord Set
Lorian's Set
Drakeblood Set
Imperious Set
Mad Warrior Set
Black Dragon Set
Ivory King Set
Ringed Knight Set
Smelter Demon Set
Yhorm's Set
Alonne's Set
Eastern Armor Set
Firelink Set
Brass Set
Armor of Favor Set
Lord's Blade Set

Medium Low (21 - 30 Equipment Load)

Ancient King's Set
Sunset Set
Wolf Knight Set
Armor of Thorns
Alva Set
Burial Knight Set
Elite Knight Set
Knight Set
Nameless Knight Set
Faraam Armor Set
Footman Set
Outrider Knight Armor Set
Dark Set
Undead Legion Set
Armor of the Sun Set
Fallen Knight Set
Hallowed Knight Set
Herald Set
Mirrah Chain Set
Chain Armor Set
Fire Witch Set
Bone Ash Set
Northern Set
Varangian Set
Vilhelm's Set
Slave Knight Set

Light (11 - 20 Equipment Load)

Courtier Set
Follower Set
Nameless King Set
Pontiff Knight Set
Dancer Set
Evangelist Set
Black Set
Hard Leather Set
Jailer Set
Mirrah Set
Sellsword Set
Vileblood Set
Black Leather Set
Leonhard's Set
Sunless Set
Xanthous Set
Brigand Set
Leather Set
Shira's Set
Conjurator Set
Binded Set
Cleric Set
Grotto Set
Velka's Set
Worker Set

Ultra Light (0 - 10 Equipment Load)

Assassin Set
Painting Guardian Set
Pyromancer Set
Black Witch Set
Karla's Set
Court Sorcerer Set
Moonlight Set
Old Sorcerer Set
Sorcerer Set
Venerable Sage's Set
Pale Shade Set
Cornyx's Set
Grave Warden Set
Hexer Set
Maiden Set
Shadow Set
Desert Pyromancer Set
Antiquated Set
Fire Keeper Set
Master's Set
Dragon Form

Partial Sets

List of armor sets with only two or three armor pieces, sorted from heaviest to lightest.

Drang Set
Deserter Set
Ordained Set
Archdeacon Set
Prayer Set
Black Hand Set
Serpentine Set
Pontiff's Set
Scholar Set
Antiquated Plain Set
Deacon Set
Saint Set

Unique Pieces

List of unique armor pieces sorted from heaviest to lightest.

Heide Mask
Iron Keeper Helm
Crab Helmet
Gargoyle Helm
Gargoyle Skull
Horned Samurai Helm
Imperial Samurai Helm
Ornate Samurai Helm
Giant Slave Helmet
Ludleth's Crown
Old Demon King's Crown
Pygmy Crown
Symbol of Avarice
Mask of Sin
Corvian Knight Helmet
Gold Ardeo
Iron Cage
Bloodstained Gauntlets
Crown of Filianore
Crown of the Holy King
Demon Cleric Mask
Mask of Cruelty
Mask of Horror
Mask of Serenity
Mask of the Child
Mask of the Father
Mask of the Mother
Mask of War
Thrall Hood
Skull Mask
Clandestine Coat
Wanderer's Coat
Crown of Illusions
Wolnir's Crown
Frigid Valley Mask
Basilisk Cap
Deserter Helm
Hollow Head
Poisonhorn Cap
Raven Mask
Soldier's Hood
Vagabond Cowl
White Preacher Head
Black Metal Hat
Tan Straw Hat
Black Witch Veil
Sage's Big Hat
Blindfold Mask
Carthus Blindfold

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