Affixes is a game mechanic in which in the player can upgrade Rings and improve their special effects.

Affixing a ring is performed by the using the table found in Firelink Shrine.

Affixes are performed in order, to affix a ring with a legendary upgrade it is necessary to that it has a exquisite affix, for a exquisite affix it must have a superior affix, for a superior affix it must have a fine affix, and for a fine affix it must have a basic affix.

Attempting to affix an equipped ring will make the ring to be unequipped automatically and then get affixed.

Affixing requires a certain amount of Primordial Fragment for each tier.

Primordial Essence Cost per Affix Upgrade Level

Upgrade Level Amount Required
Basic (+1) 2
Fine (+2) 4
Superior (+3) 6
Exquisite (+4) 8
Legendary (+5) 10

Information here is accurate for version 1.90.

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