Accessory Upgrades


Affixes is a game mechanic in which in the player can upgrade Accessories and improve their special effects.

Affixing an accessory is performed by Magnum Ursus.

Affixes are performed in order, to affix an accessory with a legendary upgrade it is necessary to that it has a exquisite affix, for a exquisite affix it must have a superior affix, for a superior affix it must have a fine affix, and for a fine affix it must have a basic affix.

Attempting to affix an equipped accessory will make the accessory to be unequipped automatically and then get affixed.

Affixing requires a certain amount of Primordial Fragment for each tier.

Primordial Essence Cost per Affix Upgrade Level

Upgrade Level Amount Required
Basic (+1) 2
Fine (+2) 4
Superior (+3) 6
Exquisite (+4) 8
Legendary (+5) 10


Information here is accurate for version 2.15.

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